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Rent and test Apple iWatch before you buy it

Apple Watch is due to be shipped in April, and will be available in various variants the Sport Model starting from $350, and the Gold edition to cost $3500. For many that’s a huge amount to spare without actually being sure whether it would match up to the expectations.

To take users out of this dilemma, Lumoid – A gadget rental start-up from San Francisco, California is planning to rent Apple Smart Watches. So as to help users make an informed choice.

iWatch rental
iWatch rental

The current rental program of Lumoid allows customers to rent and test five wearable devices for 7 days. Post this duration if the customer could not make a choice for purchase then they only end up paying $20. You can also rent Photo/ Video gear and Wearable from Lumoid. It currently operates only in US and is backed by Y-Combinator.

Source: CNBC Image Source: Yahoo Finance

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