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Try these Online Photo Editor to shine up your images

Use a picture. It’s worth a thousand words.” quoted Editor Arthur Brisbane. While we put so much of effort in writing excellent content it’s usually noted that the image choice doesn’t get that much of an attention. It’s highly recommended to invest quality time to choose a good quality related image. There are various sources from where you can get high quality images with usage right labeled for reuse with modification. These images when tweaked with help of various online photo editor can shine up your images without any designing knowledge.

Most of us are non designers and believe me that is perfectly alright. It’s not necessary to learn Photoshop to tweak an image for your blog article rather these online photo editors will do most of the work for you without any hands on designing knowledge. Let’s have a quick look at some of these tools mentioned below:

Pixlr: This is considered to be one of the best online photo editing tools for non designers. No registration required, and you get almost all the features that you have seen in Photoshop.

PicMonkey: If you miss Picknik then you should certainly try PicMonkey. It’s a wonderful tool that allows you to edit photo, create collage, touch up, and it also has a feature to create facebook cover photos in seconds.

Online Photo Editor
Online Photo Editor

LunaPic: This is a wonderful tool. The number of filters it provides easily exceeds many tools. One of its best feature is that of animation which is absent in many online photo editing tools. All in all this is definitely a photo editing tool worth exploring.

Ribbet: Post Google’s announcement of shutting down Picknik there was a gap of online tools to do photo editing. Ribbet filled that gap with similar features that were available in Picknik, and they did a good job. You can perform almost all basic features that you might want to do on an image of your choice.

Free Online Photo Editor: As is the name so is the result it’s a good photo editor which performs all basic editing function. However, there is no out of the box feature that it possesses.

PicJoke: This tool has pre-made photo frames which can be used for uploading your picture in anyone of them.  You can make your photo appear in any of the frame even if it’s a frame of Peabody and Sherman.

iPiccy: With this tool you can easily edit pictures, apply beautiful photo effects, add text and even paint! All in all it’s a good tool.

BeFunky: This is a classic free online photo editor with effects, collages, text editor, photo frames and more. It’s worth checking out this tool.

FotoFlexer: A very good feature of this tool is the freedom to edit photos from photobucket, myspace, facebook, flickr, picasa, phanfare, smugmug.

Google Photo Editor (earlier known as Picknik before being acquired in 2010): This is a simple tool by Google by which you can do basic editing of adjusting color, light etc. It also provides space for storage up to 15GB in Google drive.

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