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Skype to stop voice calls from November 10

skype call in India

November 10 is when Skype users in India will not be able to make calls on phones in India. The reason behind this move is not disclosed by Skype. The users will be allowed to make calls on phones based in other countries. The company has safe guarded the users who have already purchased Skype credit for this facility the company ...

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Google Vault largest store for all human knowledge

Google Vault

Google Vault – This will be the largest base of human knowledge available till date. Google is building on to create a system where info could be stored for both machine and people to access. This vault will comprise of fact based information data from across the web. Also see: Google for kids rumor or reality? The knowledge Graph of Google ...

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Google for kids rumor or reality?

Google for kids

When you start typing “How to” in Google search bar it starts pre suggesting you terms like “How to kiss” or “How to have S##”. Google for kids is rumored to be an initiative by Google to make kids focused internet searches. Check the following video “Dear Sophie” from 2011 which shows a father uses the web to share memories ...

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Google grants Right To Be Forgotten request

Right to be forgotten

Right to be forgotten – Google removes several links The Right To Be Forgotten is a concept that has been discussed and put into practice in the European Union (EU). France and Argentina are one of the few to take a lead on this front. Internet memory is long, and if we consider cases where the pictures, personal information, data etc. that makes ...

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Google acquires Twitch for $1Billion

Google acquires Twitch for $1Billion – Joins YouTube division VentureBeat – A tech news website reports about the acquisition of Twitch made by Google for $1 Billion. Twitch is the world’s leading video platform and community for gamers with over 45 Million visitors per month. This deal is going to undoubtedly make Google the undisputed leader in streaming video.  Google acquired ...

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Google Map Hindi version launched

Google Map in Hindi

Google maps the highly popular mapping and navigation application by Google has recently launched the Hindi version for Indian users. Google recently announced on its blog that the Google map hindi will be available on the web interface and the mobile apps powered by Android 4.3. To see the maps in Hindi the user has to change the language preference ...

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Google buying satellite maker Skybox Imaging for $500 million

Google buying satellite maker Skybox Imaging for $500 million

Google buying satellite maker Skybox Imaging for $500 (from Skybox Imaging Blog). This deal will enable Google to launch its own satellite that will give a boost to its digital maps and the project of providing internet access to the remote areas of the world. The $500 million acquisition was announced on June 10. This acquisition will help Google to ...

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Google WiFi Network to be launched soon

Google WiFi Network

Google WiFi Network to be launched this summer Today the world is more connected then it was before. With the internet reaching out to the masses the awareness level of people have also increased multi-fold. However, even with the drastic increase in the internet reach there are still challenges like the access to easy, fast and cheap internet. Companies like ...

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Google Chromecast launched in India


Google Chromecast is a HDMI streaming dongle which has made its way to the Indian market after much delay. Although Google has yet not officially announced its launch but many online ecommerce giants have started showing its availability on their sites. The price on Amazon is Rs. 3099 whereas Ebay lists it at Rs. 3998. This device is incredibly small which ...

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It’s been quite a while ever since we are hearing of who is going to rule when it comes to bringing internet through sky. There was a lot of buzz about Google’s bringing internet via Project Loon where the balloon flies to high altitude and distant places and provide internet to billions of people which are not so well connected. ...

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