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China Operating System to be launched by October

China Operating System

In recent past the world witnessed a lot of tension in between China and US on matters of cyber security. Taking a step ahead China is now planning to build its own operating system to avoid being dependent on imported OS like iOS, Windows and Android. China operating system should be launched by October this year. The development was reported ...

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Google Chrome for Mac is recently upgraded with enhanced features

Google Chrome for Mac

If you are using Google Chrome Canary on your Mac then you should be aware that Google Chrome for Mac has been updated to 64-bit build without Google talking much about this development. The move was much awaited. All the new Apple desktop OS are now on 64 bit architecture rather than the earlier 32 bit one. With this upgrade ...

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Bugs reported in Microsoft Internet Explorer

Bug in Microsoft Internet Explorer

Microsoft is in a big rush to fix the bug in its highly used Internet Explorer. A computer security company disclosed the bug over the weekend. Although, Microsoft Internet Explorer team is moving fast to fix this bug however, there won’t be any relief to users running their systems on Windows XP (the 13 year old operating system of Microsoft ...

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The end of Nokia era? Firm to be renamed Microsoft Mobile Oy post deal closure

Nokia-Microsoft Deal

According to report оn wmроwеruѕеr (a site that tracks developments related to windows phone) Nokia has updated its sellers about the completion of the deal by the end of April 2014. Other than this the names of Nоkіа Cоrроrаtіоn/Nоkіа Oyj wіll change tо Mісrоѕоft Mоbіlе Oу which is the legal entity for Microsoft mobiles. On completion of the deal the ...

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Party time for Hackers: Microsoft ends support for Windows XP

Microsost Windows XP support ended

April 8, 2014: Microsoft has finally announced to end its support for its highly famous Windows XP that was released in October 2001. Microsoft mentioned it’s time now to invest in recent and upcoming technologies. There won’t be any assistance for Windows XP which also includes no automatic updates that helped protect your PC. If you have pre installed Microsoft ...

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