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How to delete facebook account
How to delete facebook account

How to delete facebook account permanently?

If you are finally fed up of facebook, and have made up your mind to permanently delete your facebook account. Well then you may want to follow the following steps to know how to delete facebook account permanently.

One more thing you should know before you actually start the process of deleting your facebook account, and that is you can get a copy of what you have shared on facebook as an archive. Your archive will include the following:

  • Posts, photos and videos you’ve shared
  • Your messages and chat conversations
  • Info from the About section of your profile and more

To backup click on the Settings -> General Account Settings -> at the bottom it says “download a copy of your facebook data” ->

Once you hit download you will see “Start My Archive” button, click it and the download archive process will start. The process might take some time depending upon how much data you have shared via your account. Once you are done with the archive download you can now follow the

Step 1: Click on the lock symbol in the upper right corner

Step 2: A drop down will appear which will have a search symbol on the upper right corner. Click on it and write “How to delete facebook account”.

How to delete facebook account permanently
How to delete facebook account permanently

Step 3: It will ask you to take back up (that we had already done earlier), and move on to delete your account permanently. https://www.facebook.com/help/delete_account

Step 4: Once you click on delete your facebook account permanently. It will ask you to put in your password and captcha that is displayed on the screen.

Step 5: You will see a notification that your account has been deactivated from the site, and will be permanently deleted in 14 days. If you log-in to your account in next 14 days you will have the option to cancel your request. Just in case you change your mood.

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