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How to delete skype account permanently

If you have finally made up your mind to no longer use Skype. And, want to find how to delete Skype account of yours.  Well in that case follow the simple steps given below. Ensure to use any unused Skype credit that you may have in your account before you perform the following steps:

Delete Skype Account
Delete Skype Account

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  • Under account details select Edit Profile
  • Replace the info with XXXX as you cannot save the field without any info
  • Save it now

 See that you delete all the information by which people could reach out to you on Skype. In case you want to remove your Skype name from the Skype directory than you will have to reach out to their customer care that will help you to remove the name from the directory.

 Please note that t will take up to 2 weeks for the name to be removed. Also, even if the name is removed it will still show in the contact list of people who have added you. However, they will not be able to Skype call you or ping you as your account does not exists anymore.

 If you have a Skype account that you have made using your Microsoft account then the above steps will be good for that account too.  Just follow the above steps and delete Skype account that you have made using your Microsoft account.

All the best!

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