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Find my iPhone, iPad and Mac

There is no second thought in saying that our phones accompany us at almost all places. This increases the chances of them being lost. Often we have experienced situations when we have left our phones under the cushion or in the office, and then we keep searching for a while.

This is a very irritating situation. However, the situation becomes really freaking when we actually lose our phone, and along with it our important personal data gets compromised.

Isn’t it scary? Well not anymore as you should now avoid getting irritated or panic if you cannot find any of your missing Apple devices be it your iPhone, Mac, iPad or iPod. You can now search your missing iPhone by using www.iCloud.Com or Apple’s Find my iPhone App which will help you track the current location of your iPhone.

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In the following steps you will see how to use find my iPhone app. And, be prepared in case you loose your iPhone and wish if you could find your iPhone online.

Before we do anything else we will need to perform a few steps so as to use the Find my iPhone App (need iOS 5 or above) and Lost Mode (need iOS 6 or above):

  • Tap settings on your iPhone screen
  • Click the iCloud option. It will ask for iCloud login using your Apple Id. In case you do not have an Apple id you can create it for free
  • Once you log-in you will see Find my iPhone option. Slide this to ON

Now your phone is ready to handle situations of loss or theft. Let’s see how to use the Find my iPhone program:

  • First thing you will be required to do is login to the iCloud.Com site using your Apple Id and password (Steps to create Apple id)
  • Find my iPhone option – Once logged in you will see various options like mails, contacts etc. on the dashboard. You have to select the Find my iPhone option here. This won’t allow you to enter on clicking rather you will have to punch in your Apple id and password once again
  • Once you are able to login you will see a map being opened which will start locating your device
  • Tap the “All Devices” button this will open list of devices you had registered with Find my iPhone App. From here select your iPhone or any other device that you want to track.
  • Device status On/ Off – There will be a green or a grey indicator against the device that you are trying to relocate. If its green then your device is on if grey then it’s off
  • Play Sound – Check the map as it will be showing the location of your device if it’s within the house then you can hit the “Play Sound” button and your phone will start ringing
  • Lost Mode Option – In case the map shows a location which indicates the iPhone to be lost then you can activate the “Lost Mode” option. This will immediately lock your phone, and prevent misuse.
  • In case you do not already have a pass code the Lost Mode gives you option to set it immediately.
  • Call back message – You will be able to send a message on your phone and the person who finds it could call back (even when the screen is locked without being able to access any other information) on the number you share in the SMS.
  • Erase iPhone Button – If you feel that the phone is really in wrong hands and the data in the phone might be compromised then you should use this option so as to erase all the data in your iPhone

We hope this information was useful. The same process could be used to locate the other Apple devices too. Stay tuned with more useful information in our other articles.

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