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Learn how to install whatsapp for PC in 9 simple steps

WhatsApp Messenger is a cross-platform mobile messaging app. The app is available for Android, iPhone, BB, Windows and Nokia phones. There is no stopping of these phones messaging each other. There is a lot that you can achieve through it without paying a dime.

  • Exchange messages without having to pay for SMS
  • No international charges: Chat with your peers if they are on whatsapp too
  • Create groups and share unlimited images, video and audio messages etc.
  • No pins and user names

Would it not be wonderful if this app is available for your PC as well? In 9 simple steps you will uncover how to install whatsapp for PC.

Install WhatsApp on PC with help of BlueStack:

  1. Download BlueStack Software exe (there are different versions for Windows and Mac)
  2. Install the software and search for Whatspp
  3. Install WhatsApp – Do it same way as you did on your phone
  4. Click on “My Apps” by first opening Blue Stacks via the icon on desktop
  5. Click WhatsApp and accept the T&C (there is a possibility that it might not install in first time, try again and it will work)
  6. Type your contact no. with your country code
  7. The WhatsApp Messenger will send a onetime SMS to verify your phone number
  8. Relax, a message will be sent to your phone, and WhatsApp will automatically detect the delivery
  9. There is a code that you will receive via message. Punch it in and get started.

Other than BlueStack there are two more ways by which you could learn how to install whatsapp for PC. First is via Youwave which is a paid service and second is Wassapp which is free like Blue Stacks.

All the steps whether you go by any of the medium remains the same as explained above.

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