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How to Recover Deleted Photos from a Memory Card

In the digital age today there is a big data (photos, videos, docs, software etc.) explode. And, to store more data we at times delete some of it. However, problem arises when we do it accidentally, and want the data back. This article is for people who have accidentally deleted their SD card data or their SD card might have got corrupted. By going through this article you can easily learn how to recover deleted photos from a memory card.

There are various useful tools available which will make your life easy. However, there are fraudulent or paid recovery software’s too which could be malicious.

Please ensure to remove SD card from the camera or mobile as soon as you learn that you have accidentally deleted the data. This step will avoid any sort of overwrite by the device. Also, use external or built in card readers in case your PC does not recognizes the storage device separately.

Following are some of the tools that help you learn how to recover deleted photos from a memory card, and these software’s are equally good for recovering any other form of data from any type of device:

Pandora Recovery (for Windows)This is a free tool. It supports systems running on Windows XP or above OS. Once this software is downloaded in your PC, and you attach the SD Card to the system carry on with a few steps. Start with a Quick or a Deep Scan or you may also like to choose the option of formatted memory. The second option is slow but throws more results. From the files that the two options reflect you can choose the files to recover.

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Recuva (for Windows)This tool supports systems running on Windows 2000 and above. It works just like Pandora Recovery software. Attach the SD Card to the system, and open the drive in drop down menu of the software. Start the Scan and once it starts reflecting the files just check on the ones you want to recover, and press the Recover button. And, there you are your job is done.

Zero Assumption Recovery (Windows XP and above) - This is a free tool that works with Windows XP and above OS. Download the software, and open the plugged SD Card in the panel of this software choose the scan the device option. Now, the files will start reflecting from where you can choose and hit the recover buttons to recover the files.

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Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery (for Windows and OS X)This tool performs the same way as the above two software. Plug-in your SD card via card reader, and hit the scan now or advanced scan option. Same way as the other software did it will reflect the files that are deleted. Now, you can choose the one’s that you may want to recover by hitting the recover button.

PhotoRec (for DOS, Windows 9x or higher, Linux, OS X)This is a free open source software, and supports multiple OS. It comes in two type of versions TestDisk and PhotoRec. The same process is used in this tool too. Once you do the scan just choose the files you want to recover and hit the recover button.

We hope by now you might have known how to recover deleted photos from a memory card. These tools might help you in case you get into any such situation. One note of caution is to please read the recent review of the tool that you plan to use. It’s always advised to keep ourselves safe from any online threat.

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