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How to stop candy crush request on facebook

How to stop candy crush request on facebook….

Many of us still get several invites to play Candy Crush Saga or may be for some other apps on Facebook.  This is when we have not even registered or shown interest for these games or app. It is a very frustrating experience to get tonnes of requests every day for which you have no interest, and looks sort of spamming activity.

To avoid this frustrating experience one can easily make some changes to the settings of facebook account, and get rid of these invites. Follow the steps below, and learn how to stop candy crush request on facebook:

  • Sign-in to your facebook account
  • Click on settings
  • Under settings click on “Blocking” tab on the left
  • When clicked you see many options to manage blocking of users to apps.
  • Follow option to Block apps.
  • When you start writing in the text box it will auto suggest the name Candy Crush Saga
  • Select this option and it will be added to the blocked apps list in your account

Whenever you feel the need of unblocking any specific apps you can come back to the same page, and click on unblock specific app.

All the best!

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