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Avoid your facebook search history being tracked
Avoid your facebook search history being tracked

Know how to avoid your facebook search history being tracked

We all know that almost all the big or small internet company is tracking all the actions that we perform on the internet. Facebook is no less. You might have also observed that if you had visited Papa John’s Pizza site and then go on Facebook you might start seeing ads from Papa John’s Pizza or may be or any other ads of sites that you visited earlier. This is nothing else but behavioral or interest based targeting.

If you want to avoid your facebook search history being tracked then there is a form that you have to fill for that. The initiative is called consumer opt-out from interest based advertising.

There are many big companies like Google, Facebook etc. who have signed up with NAI (Network Advertising Initiative). When you fill the form here and submit the member sites will stop targeting your moves on the internet.

Follow the following steps to complete the form:

  • When you open this site it will start a test to figure out “Browser Support for Cookies”
  • You will then find which member companies have currently enabled predictive ads for your browser
  • There are 3 tabs that you will see All NAI member companies, NAI members customizing ads for your browser and third is Existing opts out
  • You can opt out of all companies by checking the tab “NAI member list” or you can just select companies that have currently enabled ads for your browser under the tab “NAI members customizing ads for your browser” choice is yours

Please note that opting out does not mean you will not receive online ads. However, it means that these companies will stop delivering ads tailored for you as per your browsing history and internet surfing behavior. The opt-out choices you select are stored in opt-out cookies only in this browser. Separate browsers will need you to set separate preferences.

Isn’t that still alright? At least we have registered our concern and asked these companies to stop tracking us.

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