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Check these excellent free tools to test internet speed…

Internet connection speed refers to the data transfer rate from the Internet to your computer. Basically that means the amount of time it takes your computer to download a given amount of data. In case you feel that my internet speed is not up to the mark, and want to test internet speed then you can easily do that by using the tools mentioned below.

You should always check your internet speed from 2 to 3 different sources (pick from tools mentioned below) and take average of upload/ download speed results. Some tools do provide options to select the nearest server, you can select the one that is nearest to your location.

Check internet speed
Check internet speed

After your run the broadband speed test if the results show deviation from your subscribed internet plan, you should call your ISP, and get it sorted out. Now to check internet speed click on any of the tool below, and it will lead you to the respective sites where you can run the test:

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