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Follow these simple steps and remain free from eye strain

In today’s time we are spending more time in front of computers and mobile devices than we used to do in the past. This has eventually led to a most of us complaining of computer eye strain. The strain leads to a lot of problem in our day to day life, eye fatigue, impact on productivity, headache; itching and at times burning eyes are some of the common issues.

As many others I also sail in the same boat, and faced this problem as well. I therefore started practicing the following steps which really helped me to reduce my eye strain quite substantially:

Proper lighting:

While using a computer use proper lighting. Avoid excessive light from outside and within the room. Try to cover the windows by drapes and reduce internal lights by using fewer bulbs and high intensity lights. Ensure that not too much light falls on your computer screen as it makes the screen washed out, and hard to see in turn leading to more stress on your eyes. At the same time inadequate lighting could also harm your eyes so keep a proper balance in lighting.

Adjust the display setting of your monitor:

While we have controlled the light coming from various sources internal and external. We should also adjust the display settings of the computer monitor. Doing this small adjustment will give a big relief to eye strain and eye fatigue. In windows the display settings can be accessed in control panel while in Apple it can be found in systems preferences.

Prevent eye dryness by blinking more often:

Blinking is a phenomenon that helps avoiding dry eyes problem. It’s noted that we blink less when we are working on a computer. This leads to lesser moistening of eyes, and therefore leads to eye dryness, fatigue and irritation. In order to avoid this blink more than usual while working on a computer. If required set up an alarm clock with regular intervals of 20-25 minutes and blink 10-15 times in every interval. This will moisten the eyes and avoid causing damage.

Apply 20-20-20 rule:

In order to reduce eye fatigue many doctors suggest 20-20-20 rule. In this you should look at a distant object every 20 minutes, the object should be placed minimum 20 feet away, and you should look at the object for a minimum of 20 seconds. This is a very good exercise for reducing eye strain and improving focus.

Take short and frequent breaks:

People tend to take fewer breaks, and stretch themselves thereby causing harm to their overall body not just eyes. Few short breaks increase concentration, give rest to the eyes and improve productivity.

Routine eye exam:

Last but not the least everyone should get eyes examined routinely by an optometrist to diagnose any vision related issues beforehand. Definitely plan for a eye exam every six months.

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