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10 best antivirus for android

Mobile devices have really created a revolution in today’s world. However, there are increasing threats that the users have been witnessing on these devices. Many companies are creating smart antivirus many of which comes for free. In this article we are collating some of the best antivirus for android. We will keep this article updated and keep in adding more antivirus providers for android:

360 Security – Free

This is a free app that scans and deletes the threats in your android device. It also has a built in data monitor just in case you need it. It also acts as a memory booster as it frees up the memory, and allows you to use more apps at the same time. Click here to download

Antivirus & Mobile Security – Free

With this app you can run on demand or schedule a scan for your android device. It has a secure app search feature that notifies you of any malicious app that you might be downloading unknowingly. Also, similar alert comes when you are browsing sites that might cause harm to your device. Click here to download

AVG AntiVirus Security – Free Trial for 30 days then after $3.99/month / $14.99/year. Click here to download

Bitdefender Antivirus – Free – Simple no non-sense approach app. Click here to download

Anti-Virus Price – Free during the trial period then $2.59/month or $119.90 for lifetime license. Click here to download

CM Security – Free – So far it has superb detection rate. It includes find my phone feature too. Although being free it has many features that one pays for in many apps. Click here to download

Dr Web Anti-virus – It has both Free and Paid versions. The free version comes packed with antivirus and device protection. The paid version has anti spam, anti theft feature added. Click here to download

Kaspersky Internet Security – Trial version is free then after $19.95/year license for 2 devices. Click here to download


McAfee Free Antivirus & Security – A free trial version and then $2.99/month or $29.99/year. Click here to download

AVAST Mobile Security & Antivirus – It has a free version and versions with value added packs as well. The pricing is $1.99/month / $14.99/year. Click here to download

We hope this list of antivirus for android was useful to you. We will keep on adding and updating this list from time to time.

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