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15 Most visited websites globally…

We have come up with this list of top 25 most visited website across the globe with help of Alexa traffic estimates. Alexa uses a proprietary methodology that measures how a website is doing relative to all other sites on the web over the past 3 months. Following are the most visited websites in descending order:

Google: The popular search engine and internet giant leads the race and is ranked 1.

Facebook: California headquartered famous social networking site ranks 2. 

YouTube: The famous video-sharing website headquartered in San Bruno, California ranks 3. 

Baidu: The leading Chinese language search engine is on rank 4. 

Yahoo: Famous web portal and related services ranks 5. 

Amazon: Jeff Bezos led electronic commerce and cloud computing company in on No. 6. 

Wikipedia: A free encyclopedia built collaboratively using wiki software is on No.7. 

Qq.com: The famous instant messaging software service developed by Chinese company Tencent Holdings is on Rank 8. 

Twitter: The 140 character tweet company is on No.9. 

Google India: The Indian version of the famous search engine ranks No.10. 

Taobao: One of the largest online shopping marketplace from China ranks 11. 

Live.Com: One of the famous Microsoft property ranks 12. 

Sina.com.cn: China’s famouse IM provider ranks No.13. 

LinkedIn: The business-oriented social networking service ranks No.14. 

Yahoo Japan: The Japanese version of Yahoo ranks No.15. 

If you would like to check Top 500 most visited websites please visit Alexa.

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