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25 Free Cloud Storage Providers

There are many companies that are giving options to store your personal or professional data on the clouds, and possibility to use it from any location. In the professional world companies are using cloud storage for better collaboration.

In this article we have tried to collate most of the companies that provide free cloud storage. This list will be updated from time to time to present fresh information to you.

Amazon Cloud Drive Amazon Cloud Drive
Free cloud storage: 5GB
Extra storage: 20GB, $10/year; 50GB, $25/year; 100GB, $50/year; 200GB, $100/year; 1000 GB, $500/year

Apple iCloud Apple iCloud
Free cloud storage: 5GB
Extra storage: 20 GB for $1/month, 200 GB for $4/month, up to 1 TB.


Free cloud storage: 10GB
Extra storage: Personal account, up to 100 GB for £7/month; there are starter, business and enterprise plans with different     pricing options

Free cloud storage: 2GB
Extra storage: For “Pro” account one has to pay $9.99/month for 1000GB (1 TB), the “Business” plan is for $15/user/month with no bar on space.

Google DriveGoogle Drive
Free cloud storage: 15GB
Extra storage: 100GB, $1.99/month; 1TB, $9.99/month; 10TB, $99.99/month, 20TB, $199.99/month, 30TB, $299.99/month

Free cloud storage: 10GB
Extra storage: The basic plan of 10GB is free while the Pro edition is for $2.49/month, 1TB and the Business edition offers up to 100 TB for $24.99/month

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Microsoft OneDriveMicrosoft OneDrive
Free cloud storage: 15GB
Extra storage: The free version for personal usage could be upgraded up to 100GB for £1.99/month and up to 200GB for £3.99/month. While the OneDrive for Business is 1TB for £1.60/user/month with annual commitment

Free cloud storage: 50GB
Extra storage: The personal basic is free; however the company has two more offerings Personal Premium and Business. The Personal Premium comes with 100GB to 20TB+ storage for an annual price of $25 or at $2.5/ month. The Business edition includes storage of 200GB+ to unlimited this edition is at a $7/month or $70/year. Both, Personal Premium and Business comes with a 60 day Free Trial.

Free cloud storage: 2GB
Extra storage: $10 per month or $100 per year for each additional 100GB increment.

Free cloud storage: 10GB
Extra storage: Apart from the free plan a user can upgrade up to 100GB for $100/ Year; 200GB for $200/ Year; 500GB for $500/ Year; 1TB for $1000/ Year.

Free cloud storage: 10GB
Extra storage: Other than the personal edition which is free up to 10GB and thereafter $60/Year for space up to 100GB. There are 3 more versions Business, Department and Enterprise edition. These versions have a minimum commitment of 3, 25 and 25 users respectively. The cloud storage is pooled across all users for Business edition the storage is 300GB + 5GB/USER whereas in Department edition the storage is of 1TB which is again pooled. The Enterprise edition has a unlimited storage cap.

Free cloud storage: 50GB
Extra storage: 4TB of encrypted storage at €8.33/month. Mega is part of a famous hosting service megaupload which is now not in business.

Copy Copy
Free cloud storage: 15GB
Extra storage: 250GB for $99/year and 500GB for $149/year. This is the brand of Barracuda Networks which has forayed into the cloud storage space with Copy.

Free cloud storage: 20GB
Extra storage: Bitcasa has three more plans other than the free one. They are the Premium, Pro and Infinite. Premium has storage of 1000GB for $99/year, Pro comes with storage of 5000GB for $499/year, and Infinite has an unlimited storage plan for $999/year.

Free cloud storage: 100GB (Earlier it sued to be 1 TB)
Extra storage: The pricing of 1TB is around $50.

Free cloud storage: 100GB
Extra storage: There are two paid plans one is for storage of 100GB but with some additional features on maximum size of file upload etc. the pricing for this plan is $30/year. The second plan is with unlimited storage for $100/year

Free cloud storage: 10GB (for first 90 days)
Extra storage: There are two editions Personal and Business. Personal is free up to 10GB for 90 days. The other plan under Personal edition is that of 100GB, 200GB and 500GB with the 500GB plan priced at $34.99/month. The Business edition has storage plans of 50GB, 100GB, 500GB and 1000GB. The pricing of the business edition plans being $4.99,$8.99, $39.99 and $69.99/month respectively.

Free cloud storage: 100GB (referring a friend will increase the free storage by up to 50GB more)
Extra storage: This is a customized plan/pricing that Deego tells when you need extra storage. One thing to note in Deego is your 100 GB free backup comes free by sharing your unused hard drive space. The more you share the more you get. The space you share is used as a backup place for others.

Free cloud storage: 5GB
Extra storage: There are three more plans with OpenDrive Personal Unlimited which provides unlimited storage for personal usage for $129/user/year. The other ones are Business Unlimited and Customized Plans. The Business unlimited plan comes at an unlimited storage for $299/user/year. The last one is the Customized plan where the user customizes the requirement of storage and bandwidth and the pricing is then provides per user basis.

Free cloud storage: 25GB
Extra storage: There are two more plans a 100GB plan is for €1/month and that of 1TB is for €10/month.

Free cloud storage: 10GB
Extra storage: There are three more plans offered by the company they are of 100GB, 300GB and 1TB. The pricing of the plans are $49.99/year, $149.99/year and $499.99/year respectively.

Free cloud storage: 1GB
Extra storage: The extra storage comes in two versions Pro which has a storage space from 5GB to 50000GB the pricing is €1.99/month. There is another version called Team Admin in which the storage starts from 25GB to 50000GB. The pricing of this version is yet not disclosed.

Free cloud storage: 5GB
Extra storage: Unlimited storage for individuals at $9.90/month and for business it’s 100GB for $9.90/month.

Free cloud storage: 5GB (with5GB sync space)
Extra storage: Two options are present here Pro Personal and Pro Business. The first one has 300GB storage (with 300GB sync space) the price is $37/year the second has 250GB storage (with 250GB sync space) the price is $74/year.

Free cloud storage: 10GB
Extra storage: Currently there is a beta version the paid plans will be updated shortly

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