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Check out these 6 easy to use Skype alternatives

Many of us have been using Skype for making voice and video calls. However, not all are satisfied, and some have been looking for other easy to use providers for voice and video conferencing services. For all such users we have put across a list of a few Skype alternatives.

  • Google Hangout – With Google Hangout you can chat, video call with up to 10 members for free. Google Hangout’s are very convenient, and you can start your video conferencing at a click of a button. Which means, there is absolutely no need to download any app. All you need is a free Gmail account to get started.
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  • FaceTime – This app is for Mac and iOS users. Its available on iTunes for $1 with FaceTime you can make HD quality video calls for Free.
  • Uber Conference – This is audio conferencing software which is free for up to 10 people. If you would like to have more people joining in then you will have to upgrade to a $10/ month plan. It has powerful call controls which allows you to mute a barking dog or subway clamor. You can easily share your screen with a click of a button. Uber helps you easily recognizing and seeing the social profile of the person who’s speaking. There are no pins required for logging in and the recording is a HD version.
  • GoToMeeting – This is a paid service however, it’s economical in comparison to its peers. It provides you a month of free trial post which you can pay $45/ month if you wish to continue. It has two versions GoToMeeting and GoToWebinar. GoToMeeting is mostly used when there is a collaborative session like training or meeting. It has a limit of up to 25 people joining the conference. You can conduct unlimited sessions during the monthly subscription plan. The GoToWebinar can accommodate up to 100 attendees per webinar.
  • VSee – Though VSee is world’s largest video telemedicine platform its great at video conferencing for non medicine related purposes too. It features a 720P HD video that brings high clarity. You can share any doc by a single click. If you would like to share a file you can drag it to the other party’s video window and there it’s done. In case you want to use VSee you do not have to upgrade any of your IT infrastructures. It works on a low bandwidth even on 3G/4G cellular.
  • Webex – It’s a video conferencing product from Cisco which is widely recognized across the globe. You can try webex for free. The freemium offer includes hosting unlimited meeting for 14 days up to 25 people per meeting. It provides you a 720 P HD audio-video recording. Webex also has a call me feature where you just plug-in your phone number and the system will automatically call you for the meeting.

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