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All you want to know about iCloud: Complete Guide

iCloud – The cloud storage version of Apple helps you connect all your Apple devices, and therefore provides a seamless experience across all your Apple devices. Just for an example if you leave writing an email on your iPhone you can pick it up on your iPad or Mac exactly from where you left. You can also share photos, locations etc. with your family and peers. Following are the features that you can see in iCloud.

iCloud Drive As soon as you sign up for iCloud using your Apple id you get a 5GB storage for Free. So, if you are working on a document in any of your device you could actually sync and upload it on the iCloud Drive of yours, and can easily access this document from any other Apple device. Post 5GB of free storage you can easily buy more storage at a nominal cost.

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Family Sharing iCloud also provides you flexibility of sharing your stuff with your family. So, you can share iTunes, iBooks, Photos, location etc. with up to six members of your family.

Photos and iTunes Family sharing allows photos, videos and you get full rights to share only what you want to share and to whom you want it to see. The people with whom your photo stream is shared can comment on them. With iTunes the possibility of carrying your entire collection is so very possible. Again this all is accessible from all your Apple devices.

Find My iPhone and other devices This feature is of great help in situation when you had lost your iPhone, iPad or anyother Apple device. This helps you locate your device and in cases where you cannot find the device you can actually delete all your personal data from your iCloud account directly.

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Mail, Calendar, Contacts, Notes, and Reminders As is the case with other features your mail, calendar, contacts, notes and reminders are all synced as well. So, in case a reminder is set on one of your device it is automatically set on all the other devices too. If you delete or change the reminder to another date the updated info gets on all your other Apple devices as well.

Safari and iCloud Keychain If you are surfing using your iPhone you can easily start where you left using your Mac or any other Apple device. The continuity is flawless. Along with this the hassle of remembering passwords of credit cards etc. is also gone as iCloud Keychain takes care of all that.

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iCloud Backup iCloud actually backs up all your data the moment its connected to wi-fi. This way you never miss on backing up your data as its all automatic. All the more it is of great help when you need to restore your iPhone or iPad.

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You can gain access to all these features on your Apple devices by signing in to iCloud account. You can also set up iCloud separately for iOS, iCloud for Mac, iCloud for PC.

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