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icloud for windows a boon to PC users

If you are using any Apple product then you might surely know about iCloud as well. Those who have not heard it’s the cloud storage version of Apple. Anyone who has an iPhone or any other Apple device can make a free iCloud account using an Apple id. There are many Apple users who have iPhone or an iPad but do not have a Mac. For all such users there is iCloud for windows setup.

By signing up for iCloud you get a 5GB Free Storage however if your usage is high then you can easily upgrade to a higher storage plan at a minimal cost. With iCloud you can share photos, videos, documents and much more. You can also sync your IE, Firefox or Chrome bookmarks in sync with Safari bookmarks using iCloud Windows.

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To use iCloud you need to setup iCloud on all your devices. Follow the steps given below:

  • Create an Apple id
  • The same id is used to Sign-up for iCloud at icloud.com
  • Post sign up you can manage which files should be synced with iCloud
  • Now download the iCloud for windows from click here
  • Once downloaded you will get a notification to restart the PC
  • After restarting a sign-in box will appear to log-in to iCloud account. Punch your Apple id and password here
  • This log you to iCloud for Windows control panel, with options checked to backup to iCloud Drive, Photos, contacts, calendars, task and bookmarks (Chrome, IE and Firefox).

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  • Click on Apply to make the changes
  • In your PC you will see a folder named iCloud Photos which has two folders. All photos that are in your iPhone will come in the “My Photo Stream” and if you want to upload any photo to your iPhone then put it in the other folder named “Upload”. This way the photo will be uploaded to your Photo stream on iCloud and available on all your devices.
  • With documents all you need to do is go on to icloud.com and click Pages, Numbers, Keynotes tab this will create folders respectively for word, excel and presentation documents. These folders can also be seen in the PC under iCloud Drive. You can now work on any document and save in respective folders. These docs will be available on iCloud accessible from any device. Alternatively you can also create a doc in any of these folders online, and a copy of it will be visible on the iCloud Drive on your local PC.

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  • To use mails and notes you will be required to create a new email id in your iCloud settings

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