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iPhone repair support by Apple: Ultimate Guide

Apple has a great after sales support network for its users. So, in case your iPhone runs into trouble and you need an iPhone repair done the process is quite smooth. There are various types of damages that your iPhone could undergo and this guide will sail you through how to get a quick iPhone repair done for yourself.

What is damaged? – Smart phones including iPhone are accidents prone the most common trouble is with the screen getting cracked, battery issues or may be something else altogether.  Also, at times there is some problem with iOS and even after restoring your iPhone you might still face the problem. In all circumstances you can reach out to the Apple support in one of the following ways.

Reaching out to Apple customer support - In case you damage your iPhone and considering a repair there are several ways you can take help from Apple to get a iPhone repair done for yourself.

  • You can send in your iPhone for repair or replacement. This is quite a convenient way of getting iPhone repair or replacement done.
  • You can also chat, or leave your contact number so that an Apple Support representative can call you back at the time you specify. (Apple support site)

To help you with any of the above mentioned option you will have to provide your iPhone serial number to Apple support . You will also have to ensure to close Find My iPhone option on your iPhone without which the serial will not be accepted by Apple support site.

If you are planning to carry your iPhone for repair to the nearest retail store you can certainly do that by making a prior reservation.

How long does it take? - Services are usually completed on the same day of your appointment on the Apple Retail Store. However, if you have send in your iPhone it takes anywhere between 3-5 business days. If your iPhone is replaced it will be new or equivalent in service and reliability.

How much does it cost? - The cost depends on the type of model of your iPhone. Whether or not your iPhone is covered under AppleCare coverage is an important factor to decide the cost of repair.

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