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NFC Payment on Apple iPhone
NFC Payment on next Apple Phones?

Will next iPhone have NFC payment option?

As per a report published on Wired the payment platform is set to be one of the most important features of upcoming iPhones. If this is believed to be true than we might soon witness an era of NFC payment’s (near field communication payment) kicking in.

Question is if this a rumor or it might be for real? Well, Apple has filed several patents in the past for mobile payments. Also, if you look at the landscape of Apple it has 800 Million users with iTune accounts. Most of the users register their credit card when they have to make a purchase from iTune plus a bunch of other features like Passbook etc.

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Whatever the outcome may be if rumors are true and Apple finally makes a debut into mobile platform then it’s going to be a big step. It’s already time when Apple should venture into mobile payment service as service like Google wallet, Isis and Square are already present for quite long, and are a big hit.

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Let’s wait and watch for September 9, when we will see what Apple has in store for its users.

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Source: Wired

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