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AUTOnCab App
AUTOnCab App

Book autos and taxi in Delhi by AUTOnCAB app

The space of commercial cabs is quite buzzing now a day in India. Almost, every day we hear about a new cab provider making their debut in the Indian market. In the same space there are app makers that are making their debut too. One such new entrant focussing on booking auto and cab in the Delhi market is AUTOnCAB app.

This is a local company that empowers the users in booking auto and cabs by using this app. This seems to be quite convenient as the users do not have to call or stand by the roadside for this purpose.

The app is developed by NGA Technologies, the AUTOnCAB app seems to make the cumbersome process of booking the cab or calling an auto quite easy. All that has to be done is few taps and you book your ride.

“Passengers do not need to wait by the roadside and negotiate fares to hail autos or stay on-hold on the telephone while booking cabs. Once the app is downloaded on their smartphones, a few simple taps will get them the service quickly and easily,” said Alok Sawhney, co-founder and chief executive officer, AUTOnCAB.

The AUTOnCAB app is freely available on Google Play Store or the App Store for iPhone.

The service is currently introduced in and around Saket and South Delhi, and will slowly move towards covering all of Delhi. The company has plans to make PAN-India presence in 1 year time frame.

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