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Facebook acquires ProtoGeo maker of fitness app The Moves

Facebook acquires ProtoGeo the maker of fitness app The Moves

It seems that Facebook shopping spree is still a long way to go. The Social Media giant recently acquired health and fitness mobile app maker ProtoGeo.

ProtoGeo is a Helsinki based company, and is the maker of the Moves App which keeps a record of the distance that a user runs or walks and tacks the calories burned during the entire day.

Looking for new domains to grow both Google and Facebook are betting high on Health Care space. In this domain the health monitoring is quite nascent and niche a domain where both these players wants to make their mark.

Google with its Android Wear project is still in phase to develop the Android operating systems compatible to smart watches and other gadgets. The idea behind this project is to track the entire fitness regime of the user.

However, Facebook with this acquisition is ready to enter the market without developing any wearable. The app uses the sensors in the smart phones to keep a track of all the physical activity a person does like cycling, walking, running, jogging etc.

The deal is said to be done on a undisclosed amount, However, Facebook seems not to have paid what it recently paid to acquire Oculus i.e. $2.3 Billion.

There are lot of similar gadgets like Fitbit etc. in the market that syncs with the smart phone to keep a track of a person’s physical activity.

ProptoGeo says that the app which is currently free has been downloaded more than 4 million times for iPhone and Android phones.

Image Credit: Google Images | Research Credit: TOI 

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