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StoreDot Battery
StoreDot Battery

30 Seconds is all you need to charge your Smart Phone battery by StoreDot

You are in a hurry but you see the alarming last bar of your battery screaming at you saying that I am going to die give me some life. That’s the most frustrating time since you know that it’s going to take you quite some time to bring it back to life, and by the that time you will be quite late to head out.

I am sure many companies might have thought or might be working on some kind of prototype for the next generation batteries or charging devices that might make your life easy, and charges your smartphone faster. There is however this company named StoreDot from Israel that claims that the battery developed by them can be fully charged in few seconds.

StoreDot claims that the battery could be charged in flat 30 seconds. If what they say is true and sustainable then this will really be a great invention in this field.  StoreDot developed this battery for Samsung Galaxy phone and launched it at Microsoft’s ThinkNext conference in Tel Aviv.

We all will have to wait for this invention to hit the market. Daily Telegraph says that it might be available for public use by end of 2016. The cost of the battery will be around $30 which is almost double the price of the current smart phone chargers.

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