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USB Type-C plug with reversible design and 10Gbps speed

The latest update in the USB space is the USB Type-C plug. This USB plug can be fitted into a device irrespective of the way the device is facing. The USB Type-C plug will have a faster data transfer rate but will be still of the same size as of USB 2.0 Micro-B plug.

Now, there is another feature added that enables faster charging and that is the new standard plug which can deliver up to 3A for cables and 5A for connectors. The data transfer rate is around 10 GBPS.

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This is an excellent invention with the final goal of making a single cable and connector working across various platforms. And, the massive data transfer rate is just amazing.

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With the standard now finalized manufacturers will now be looking forward to start the manufacturing. Finally days are here when there will be no more hassle and confusion to plug in our gadgets.

Source: fudzilla.com

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