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Swing Copters
Swing Copters the sequel of Flappy Bird.

Swing Copters the sequel of Flappy Bird

(Download: Swing Copters for iOS / Android)

Swing Copters, the sequel of Flappy Bird has been launched recently. The Copter claims to be as hard (if not harder) as the bird. All you have to do is flying higher and saving yourself from the swinging hammers.

Dong Nguyen pulled Flappy Bird off the shelf due to unwanted attention it got from the press. People claimed to be stressed after playing Flappy Bird’s. Nguyen after taking off the Flappy Bird mentioned that it was working on a sequel of flappy bird and some new game. And, finally it kept to its promise launching the Swing Copters.

The margin of error in Swing Copter is lesser than Flappy Bird, and you will have to really concentrate while playing it. Happy Playing!

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