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It’s been quite a while ever since we are hearing of who is going to rule when it comes to bringing internet through sky.

There was a lot of buzz about Google’s bringing internet via Project Loon where the balloon flies to high altitude and distant places and provide internet to billions of people which are not so well connected.

Facebook on the other hand was equally active and working very hard to gain a lead in this space. It finally zeroed on its hunt to acquire UK based solar powered drone manufacturer Ascenta through which it will be delivering high speed internet.

Before Google it was Facebook which was in race to buy Titan Aerospace and offered 60 million to acquire it however it finally bought Ascenta for just 20 million (source: Business Insider).

Talking about these drones following points are worth while noting which makes these companies such a valuable buy for both Google and Facebook:

  • These drones could fly nonstop for up to four to five years
  • This duration is much longer than any commercial drone flights today
  • The drone’s solar panels will be charged during the day and, will power its  batteries to fly at night

According to Google, this is going to be a major and revolutionary step, and will be one of its key priorities. This initiative will help it to bring internet connectivity and aid to more than two third of the world which is currently not connected.

Google also says it’s still early to assess the possibilities which it assumes are huge. There are many areas where Google sees to deliver value by bringing internet to millions and millions of people. Bringing in rapid aid during disaster relief, environmental damages etc.

Titan Aerospace on its site says that it can deliver 1 GB speed which is faster then what is in many developed countries.

Titan Aerospace is one of the 8 companies that Google has recently acquired in the field of robotics. The other major company is Boston Dynamics.

One thing is clear that the field is all set for a battle between Google and Facebook to achieve the major share of the population that does not have access to internet. Who so ever make the availability simple, economical and innovative should be a clear winner.



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