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Google Chromecast launched in India

Google Chromecast is a HDMI streaming dongle which has made its way to the Indian market after much delay. Although Google has yet not officially announced its launch but many online ecommerce giants have started showing its availability on their sites. The price on Amazon is Rs. 3099 whereas Ebay lists it at Rs. 3998.

This device is incredibly small which means it’s a dongle with a circuit board, plastic casing and a HDMI plug on the end.  The actual device is quite small but there are other accessories that come along with it. You get a micro USB cable to use for powering it up, a small HDMI extension cable as well just in case it can’t quite fit behind your TV and into the socket comfortably.

It’s a very thin and compact device well only a couple of millimetres thicker really than the HDMI socket itself. To actually plug in the Chromecast all you need to do is plug in your adapter into your HDMI port. Once properly setup, it can play audio/video content streaming over the wi-fi.

Chromecast is a device you’re going to want to buy if you watch a lot of video. It’s just wonderfully well made and works beautifully well.

Users can stream content directly from any of their mobile devices like tablets, phones, laptops etc. to chromecast, through various available apps. The device retails for $35 in the United States.

It’s not just Google Chromecast that offers this kind of functionality there are many more like Apple’s TV which is into the market from quite some time now. Also, Amazon has recently entered and trying to gain its share with its “Amazon Fire TV”

The market has quite some players now offering this type of device. It will be really amazing to see the features distinction and value for money which each ones bring to the table.

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