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First Google Doodle - 1998
First Google Doodle - 1998

Story behind Google Doodle…

You might often notice a change happening to Google’s logo, this is nothing but a new Doodle introduced by Google to celebrate holidays, anniversaries, and the lives of famous artists, pioneers, and scientists.

The idea of Google Doodle originated even before the incorporation of Google itself. The founders of Google fiddled with the corporate logo of Google to indicate their presence in the Burning Man Festival. The logo had a stick figure behind the 2nd O of Google (the image in this article is the first Google Doodle).

This is exactly when the idea of Doodle’s was born. Later Larry and Sergey asked Dennis Hwang an intern to come up with a Doodle for Bastille Day. This Doodle was very well received by the users, and Dennis was appointed as Google’s Chief Doodler.

People started liking the concept, and Doodle started appearing on the home page more often. The demand rose overtime, and now there is a team of illustrators whose responsibility is to come up with new Doodle’s for Google’s home page. These illustrators are known as Doodlers within Google office.

Google has created more than 2000 Doodle’s over the years. Although there is a team of Doodler’s who brainstorm about which event should be celebrated with a Doodle, the team always welcomes ideas from other Googlers and Google users. If you would like to share your idea for a new Google Doodle you can do so by dropping an email to [email protected]. The team get a lot of ideas daily, and hence do not respond to all emails, but they do read all emails for sure.

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