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paper USB business card
paper USB business card

Checkout this paper USB business card – Swivel Card

Swivel Card also known as the paper USB business card includes a smart USB drive backed with analytic support.

Swivel Card is a patented technology. The patent has been given on the system to convert any regular paper into USB drive. With this paper USB business card you can imagine to do the following:

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Share your card with people whom you interact, also provide them pictures, presentations, business proposals etc. all this and more in your business card USB


The back-end software will allow you to run smart analytics on the usage of your business card. You can check how many times the card has been used, what files have been checked etc.

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You can edit details already shared in specific card. Once you log-in the backend software you can make changes to the details you shared with specific person. So, you continue interacting with your card even after you have given it to a prospect.

Swivel Cards currently comes in 8 layout designs with each set containing 200 of this paper USB business card. The cards comes in various sets with the standard card along with NFC is for $379 for 200 Swivel Cards. And, then the price changes as per the customization.

The company will start delivering the cards from October 2014 on-wards. 

Source: Intellipaper


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