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Google for kids
Google for kids

Google for kids rumor or reality?

When you start typing “How to” in Google search bar it starts pre suggesting you terms like “How to kiss” or “How to have S##”. Google for kids is rumored to be an initiative by Google to make kids focused internet searches.

Check the following video “Dear Sophie” from 2011 which shows a father uses the web to share memories with his daughter as she grows up in this video depiction.  

Children are supposed to be playing games or reading informative stuff which is apt for their age group. However, more and more children are getting on to internet and getting addicted to social media or searching things that are way beyond their age groups. And, all this is quite readily available on internet without any minimum age criteria’s.

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Google is rumored to be working to fix the search services so that it becomes apt for kids, and kids under the age of 13 could safely search things on internet. According to the WSJ, Google’s new child-approved services will allow parents to have safer internet and control how their children interact with Google’s products and what information the search giant collects from their child’s activity.

Source: Online WSJ Image Source: Google

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