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Google Vault
Google Vault

Google Vault largest store for all human knowledge

Google Vault – This will be the largest base of human knowledge available till date. Google is building on to create a system where info could be stored for both machine and people to access. This vault will comprise of fact based information data from across the web.

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The knowledge Graph of Google relies on crowd sourcing for info expansion keeping this limitation in mind Google decided to take a step to automate the process. There is an algorithm that is being used  for Google Vault. The algorithm pulls the raw data and turns it into a useful piece of info.

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The vault so far has been able to pull 1.6 billion facts of which 271 million are termed to be confident facts. A technology analyst at Gartner, Tom Austin, said that tech biggies are working on to create similar vaults.

Source: PTI, FirstPost

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