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Google WiFi Network
Google WiFi Network

Google WiFi Network to be launched soon

Google WiFi Network to be launched this summer

Today the world is more connected then it was before. With the internet reaching out to the masses the awareness level of people have also increased multi-fold. However, even with the drastic increase in the internet reach there are still challenges like the access to easy, fast and cheap internet.

Companies like Google and other internet giants that solely depend on internet reach cannot grow fast if these pain areas are not met. This situation is across the world, and there is a huge gap in the infrastructure to provide cheap and reliable internet.

GigaOM, a site that covers tech news reports about Google’s plan to build its own internet infra which might include building Wi-Fi network that will be managed by cloud computing technologies. To do this Google has partnered with Ruckus Wireless to come up with a cloud backed WiFi network for medium and small scale companies.

The report says, that the two companies are building infra that will allow small business to join the network and offer a universal Wi-Fi zone. The Wi-Fi device will probably be made and sold by Ruckus. Once connected to the Wi-Fi the access on the network would be remotely controlled by Google’s cloud service. One important thing is there won’t be any joining fee for the businesses.

If this plan goes well then Google might create nation-wide or even global Wi-Fi network.

While initially Google might take bandwidth by different business but then it might merge the network with the technologies that it’s working on. Even the high altitude drones and balloons experiments might also kick in to enable internet access in remote areas and become a part of this network too by placing the drones and balloons in strategic locations. Read: Google-buys-drone-company-titan-aerospace

There should be more developments that we will see on this front as Google is aggressively pursuing this initiative.

Image Credit: Google Images | Research Credit: GigaOM

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