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Nokia-Microsoft Deal
Nokia-Microsoft Deal

The end of Nokia era? Firm to be renamed Microsoft Mobile Oy post deal closure

According to report оn wmроwеruѕеr (a site that tracks developments related to windows phone) Nokia has updated its sellers about the completion of the deal by the end of April 2014.

Other than this the names of Nоkіа Cоrроrаtіоn/Nоkіа Oyj wіll change tо Mісrоѕоft Mоbіlе Oу which is the legal entity for Microsoft mobiles.

On completion of the deal the world won’t know Nokia as a mobile manufacturer any more. This is because the mobile division of Nokia has been bought by Microsoft. Nokia still holds and operates the network equipments business which is out of this deal.

The brand Nokia will still be there as Microsoft has bought the license to use the brand name Nokia for 10 years.  Also, the change of name and management does not mean any immediate change of any sort with the business partners of Nokia.

Microsoft and Nokia have not taken the unfinished deal as a bottleneck to start integrating their strengths. Nokia is going to be releasing a high end enterprise ready device and Microsoft is working quite aggressively by bringing updates in its Operating System.

Also, cutting the license cost of operating systems in devices with screen size less than 9 inches is also a big blow to Google.

Actually, the deal with Microsoft was supposed to close before the end of March. But there were bottlenecks like receiving regulatory approval from Chinese authorities.

And, the conflict with Indian tax authorities over the manufacturing plant in Chennai. But the reports are that Nokia and Microsoft are committed to keep this bottleneck out of the deal, and close the deal by end of April.

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