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Monkey Selfie Copyright Issue
Monkey Selfie Copyright Issue

US regulator decision on monkey selfie

We all might have heard about the famous monkey selfie. Yes, that’s true a black macaque took his own selfie around 3 years back.  The selfie became the buzz and was picked up by Wikimedia. Post which there was a tug of war between Wikimedia and the photographer David Slater who claims the copyright of the picture.

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Slater was taking pictures of black macques in 2011 when one of the monkeys ran with his camera and clicked hundreds of pictures which also included the selfies. It

As per the Copyright Office, the matter is settled as the court has ordered that Slater cannot claim the right on monkey selfie as it was not taken by him, and thus the photo cannot be registered under the copyright law.

 “The Office will not register works produced by nature, animals, or plants,” the US copyright authority said.

Image source: Google Images 

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