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Change your habits with Pavlok wristband

Unlike the usual bands that are hitting the markets every day Pavlok has something unique to offer. It is a band that monitors your habits on a regular basis and keeps you on track so that you lead a more disciplined life, and achieve more out of your schedule.

The company says that wearing Pavlok is as good as wearing your will power. Pavlok beeps, vibrates and even shocks you to keep on track (the intensity of shock can be controlled with the app on which it is running) and help you work towards your goal.

With Pavlok one can easily form new habits like exercising, waking up early, completing your to do list,  eat healthy and much more. It also helps an individual to get rid of bad habits like wasting time online, pressing the snooze button, going to fast food restaurants etc.

Pavlok can be worn anywhere on the body. Although the recommended one is in the wrist band but with the help of adhesive patches you can stick it anywhere on the body. The sticky patch will last for a week, and then you will have to use another one.

Over 350 people have already started using the developer prototype so it’s not just an idea. The actual shipping will start happening in the month of April 2015.

Source: Pavlok, Indiegogo

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