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Elemoon wearable accessory
Elemoon wearable accessory

Elemoon a wearable tech bracelet

All over the world there is one thing in common with girls and that is being very choosy with the accessories they pick-up to wear. Elemoon, the world’s first smart accessory has tried solving this problem by helping women’s change the light design of the bracelet so that the accessory matches with their outfit or the occasion.

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With this device you can also get alert for your important texts/ calls, it displays time, you can find your phone with the phone finder app all you have to do is rub your Elemoon and it will activate an alert to tack your phone.


This elegant accessory comes packed with a touch interface, activity sensor and lights. Elemoon comes in two colors Gold and Silver. It’s a splash proof accessory coming in two sizes standard and petite.

The hardware includes Bluetooth Low Energy, a G-Sensor, 75 Individually Addressable RBG LED’s. The battery life completely depends on usage however it could range from a day to 1 week.

The product is all set to hit the market on the valentine day of 2015. So, stay tuned.

Source: KickStarter

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