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Glympse for Pebble Smatwatch
Glympse for Pebble Smatwatch

Glympse for Pebble Smartwatch makes meet-up easier

Glympse is a famous mobile app that supports a fast and free way of sharing your location with people whom you trust. The support of Glympse for Pebble Smartwatch is the next step by the company to make meet-up’s convenient.

The main purpose of Glympse is to make meet-ups hassle free. So, you don’t get into the age old ways of asking your friend about the location just “Glympse”, and share the location with each other. You get the current location with estimated time of arrival of each other, and can conveniently plan your time accordingly.

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“We’ve been focused on making it easy for anyone to share their location at any time,” said Glympse director Rob Foley. “By partnering with Pebble, we are enabling their hundreds of thousands of users the ability to share their location, in real-time, wherever they are. Glympse provides the flexibility to share location in the moment, and answers the question of ‘where are you?’ in a simple, elegant and dynamic way.”

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Glympse has also partnered with companies like Google, BMW, Garmin and Samsung etc. licensing its location sharing technology to them. New Glympse app should be hitting the Pebble App Store shortly. So stay tuned.

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