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Google Glass
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Google Glass user treated for internet addiction

Google Glass has recently been in news for being attributed to internet addiction in a patient. The device which falls under the category of augmented wearable reality can be used for navigation and snapping pictures. However, the device has really been addictive and a man has recently shown symptoms of withdrawal when he was moved away from using the Glass.

The man felt irritated, and the addiction led to a stage when he tapped his temple and dreamt as if he was wearing the device. He is reportedly been wearing the Google Glass for 18 Hrs a day and took it off while sleeping or bathing. He is carrying on this routine for last 2 months now.

The scientists are keeping a regular watch and treating this man to be free of internet addiction disorder.

The US Navy’s Substance Abuse and Recovery Program’s (SARP) head of addictions and resilience research Dr. Andrew Doan, the Co-Author of the paper on the Glass addict, said “it’s just going to take a while for us to realize that this is real.

He said there’s nothing inherently wrong/ bad about Google Glass, but that wearables in general may prove problematic for addicts because they provide near-constant stimulation.

It’s been acknowledged that there is no doubt that the person has been wearing Google Glass far too much. However, one should not miss that he has is not sleeping for more than five and a half hours which is equally important.
The patient who is a Navy-serviceman had checked into SARP, and after removing all his electronics and gadgets they noticed that he showed signs of other problems too. However, the internet addiction could not be completely ruled out.

Via: The Guardian

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