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Indian creates Smart Cap a Google Glass Clone for $75

Smart Cap a Google Glass Clone

Google took over a year to build the virtual reality gadget, Google Glass. While Arvind Sanjeev based out of Kochi India took less than a month and around $75 or INR 4500 to replicate it via open source hardware. Arvind calls the replica “Smart Cap”. Check the following video how he built the smart cap:

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The head mounted displays like Google Glass or Oculus Rift are quite a buzz because of the virtual reality craze. The usages of such device are several including navigation, video sharing etc. However, the pricing that such device commands are hitting the roof.

Arvind replicated Google Glass using the following open source hardware and software, at a nominal pricing:


  • Raspberry Pi model B.
  • A USB webcam with an inbuilt mic, (Arvind used one from iBall)
  • A 2.5″ NTSC/PAL LCD display.
  • A headphone with mic.
  • A loupe magnifier with aspheric lens.
  • Sun board sheets or cardboard sheets.
  • Fevicol SR glue or equivalent.


Rasbi OS image with Voice Recognition Software.

Arvind does not want to commercialize the product and wants to dedicate it to the Open Source Community. He explained in a blog post how his Google Glass clone can be built by anyone using open source hardware and software mentioned above.

It seems like Open Source projects are picking up by the day. We are sure there will be many such inventions/ redesigning in store with the usage of open source hardware and software.

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