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Ralph Lauren Polo Tech shirt
Ralph Lauren Polo Tech shirt

Introducing Ralph Lauren Polo Tech shirt

This year we will be witnessing a combination of wearable tech and fashion at one of the most-watched tennis courts in the world. A select few ball boys will be wearing the Ralph Lauren Polo Tech shirt at this year’s U.S. Open.

At the U.S. Open we will get to see the first look of the Ralph Lauren Polo Tech shirt. This is a new technology being designed by one of the world’s leading fashion designer, Ralph Lauren along with OMSignal.

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The shirt features biometric technology, and starts showing you how active you have been. It captures how many steps you have taken, your heart rate etc. All this and more is captured real time and shared with you on your Bluetooth connected smartphone.

This shirt looks like any other shirt. However, when you monitor it closely you will see somewhat thicker stuff just below the chest which comprises of a Bluetooth transmitter, accelerometer and gyroscope.

“The shirt is the sensor,” said Marceau. “We capture what we call the ‘ABC’ of health and wellness. A is for activity, movement…B is for breathing, C is for Cardiac.”

So, the thick stuff comprises of silver-yarn-based sensors which reads the expansion and compression of the chest as we breathe. This then reads the heart rate, and all the info is collected and sent to the Ralph Lauren app in real time.

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This Polo Tech shirt is completely washable. All you have to do is to remove the snap-on module first. Individuals will get a single snap-on module and multiple Polo Tech shirts. Currently the shirt is in black colour however the plan is to make it in multiple colours and design.

The possibilities that Ralph Lauren is seeing in this technology are many ranging from pose accuracy in power yoga to help in living better at any age. The shirt is currently a prototype, and will hit the stores early next year. The company mentioned that the pricing should be in line with the other Polo shirts.

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Source: Ralph Lauren Image source: Ralph Lauren

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