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tesco google glass app
Scan bar code to order products using Tesco google glass app

Scan a barcode and order product by Tesco Google Glass App

Checkout  the video on Tesco Google Glass App functions

We all are good at making great To Do lists which also includes a section of house hold grocery and other purchases. How so ever we try but there is still something or the other we miss purchasing from the grocers.

Now, if you have a Tesco store nearby and also lucky enough to have a Google Glass then you may certainly be out of such a situation again. Tesco has developed a smart app for Google Glass that allows the glass owner to scan the products bar code and add it to the virtual basket attached to your account.

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Once you add the product to the online shopping basket the Tesco delivery man will deliver the goods to you shortly. Check the video below where a woman orders milk from Tesco when she realizes while making coffee that the milk has finished.

It’s important to see how the company might do in situations when people might order products that might cost more than the delivery cost. May be for this to continue the company might have some minimum purchase order limit etc.

One thing is for sure the augmented reality devices are certainly making life easier for everyone. However, let’s wait and watch how this turns out to be.

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