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React Sidekick
React Sidekick

The React Sidekick a smart and personal emergency alert button

With React Sidekick the way we call our friends for help in emergency is bound to change. The React Sidekick is a smart device that pairs with react phone app using Bluetooth. All you have to do is push a button so as to send an emergency alert message to your peers.

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You can attach the device to your keychain or wear it in your bracelet. The idea is to hit just one button within your reach and be assured that your friends have got the emergency alert message from you.

The message could also be shared on the social channels like Facebook or Twitter with your current location. This device is ideal for children or even for people with an active lifestyle travelling to unexplored or unsafe places.

Co-founder Robb Monkman brought together a new team for React Sidekick. The team carries a product design and connected device experience. The product is priced at $29 (early bird special) or a special only VIP package for $99.

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The Kickstarter team is planning to pledge $25000 for this project. To see the React Sidekick Kickstarter campaign video or for more information on the React Sidekick, click here.

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