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Vessyl Smart Cup
Vessyl Smart Cup

vessyl smart cup counts every calorie you intake

There are many fitness gadgets in the market which tracks how much you sleep or the number of calories you burned in a day. What if there is a smart device that measures your intake and how any calories you add to yourself. Yes, that’s true there is an intelligent device called Vessyl Smart Cup. Check the following video to know more.

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The device claims that it knows what exactly is in your cup and measures the calories that it contains. This cup tracks what you drink (caffeine, fats, sugars, etc.) and that too real time.

This is a boon for the conscious ones that wants to measure their intake, and keep it within checks. Vessyl Smart Cup is designed by Yves Behar; the cup is supported with a smart app that keeps a track of daily and weekly intake.

It’s designed to be easily carried in the open and is quite sleek with a hassle free handling. Now lose weight, stay hydrated and keep a check on your intake with the help of this smart cup. 

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