Swing Copters the sequel of Flappy Bird

Swing Copters

(Download: Swing Copters for iOS / Android) Swing Copters, the sequel of Flappy Bird has been launched recently. The Copter claims to be as hard (if not harder) as the bird. All you have to do is flying higher and saving yourself from the swinging hammers. Dong Nguyen pulled Flappy Bird off the shelf due to unwanted attention it got ...

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GogglePal your best pal on mountain and sky

GogglePal patented Universal Mount technology device

GogglePal is a patented universal mount technology which is patented by Californian Company, AR Devices. The company is working on to launch a new wearable focussed on snowboarders and skiers. Check out the features mentioned below: The device has 6-Axis Gyroscope to track your performance It has a great battery life to use all day while you are enjoying your ...

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Oppo Neo 5 smartphone announced

Oppo Neo 5

Oppo mentioned that it has introduced Oppo Neo 5 for the Malaysian market. It’s a budget smartphone introduced by Oppo, and is taken as a successor to Oppo Neo. The phone is listed on the company’s site without the pricing details. The price of the phone is presumed to be around $190 or roughly INR 12,000/-. Oppo New 5 comes packed ...

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US regulator decision on monkey selfie

Monkey Selfie Copyright Issue

We all might have heard about the famous monkey selfie. Yes, that’s true a black macaque took his own selfie around 3 years back.  The selfie became the buzz and was picked up by Wikimedia. Post which there was a tug of war between Wikimedia and the photographer David Slater who claims the copyright of the picture. Also see: Lechal Smart ...

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Scan a barcode and order product by Tesco Google Glass App

tesco google glass app

Checkout  the video on Tesco Google Glass App functions We all are good at making great To Do lists which also includes a section of house hold grocery and other purchases. How so ever we try but there is still something or the other we miss purchasing from the grocers. Now, if you have a Tesco store nearby and also ...

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vessyl smart cup counts every calorie you intake

Vessyl Smart Cup

There are many fitness gadgets in the market which tracks how much you sleep or the number of calories you burned in a day. What if there is a smart device that measures your intake and how any calories you add to yourself. Yes, that’s true there is an intelligent device called Vessyl Smart Cup. Check the following video to know ...

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Meet Botlr Robot: World’s First Robot Butler

Botlr Robot

Aloft Hotels in Cupertino, California has added a new employee to their workforce, Botlr Robot. The world’s first robot butler that will help the hotel staff in shuffling items between the hotel lobby and guest’s rooms. Aloft Hotels is a well known for its high tech hospitality. The hotel was due to put the Botlr into service from today i.e. ...

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Indian creates Smart Cap a Google Glass Clone for $75

Smart Cap a Google Glass Clone Google took over a year to build the virtual reality gadget, Google Glass. While Arvind Sanjeev based out of Kochi India took less than a month and around $75 or INR 4500 to replicate it via open source hardware. Arvind calls the replica “Smart Cap”. Check the following video how he built the smart ...

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The React Sidekick a smart and personal emergency alert button

React Sidekick

With React Sidekick the way we call our friends for help in emergency is bound to change. The React Sidekick is a smart device that pairs with react phone app using Bluetooth. All you have to do is push a button so as to send an emergency alert message to your peers. Also see: Man creates a synthetic leaf that ...

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Google for kids rumor or reality?

Google for kids

When you start typing “How to” in Google search bar it starts pre suggesting you terms like “How to kiss” or “How to have S##”. Google for kids is rumored to be an initiative by Google to make kids focused internet searches. Check the following video “Dear Sophie” from 2011 which shows a father uses the web to share memories ...

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