Oculus SDK 0.4.1 Beta Released with Mac OSX Support

Oculus SDK 0.4.1 Beta Released

Oculus VR released the Oculus SDK 0.4.1 beta which comprises of important fixes for developers. The important thing to note in this development is that Oculus SDK is now available for Mac OSX as well. (Source: roadtovr) This means that Mac users will now be able to develop apps for Oculus Rift Virtual Reality Headset. Oculus had released an update to ...

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How to setup a remote desktop connection

Many of us might have come across situations where our family might need support on some IT issues. However, we are not around to help. Or, we ourselves might want to access some data that is present on our desktop but we are not physically present to access it. All this is quite possible if we know how to setup ...

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How to access Google Maps Offline

The usage of Google Maps is increasing day by day. It is a great tool to choose quickest route or explore nearby locations. However, the limitation is that of connectivity. If you are visiting an area which does not have reliable internet connectivity then there is no possibility of using the maps. In this article we will help you overcome ...

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Twitter video ads launched to ensure new revenue stream

Twitter video ads

SAN FRANCISCO: Twitter on August 12, launched a new advertising program that shows “promoted videos” to the timelines of twitter users. The testing of the Twitter video ads began earlier this year. And, after months of testing and feedback the beta version of the Promoted Video on Twitter is launched. This offering will add to the revenue of Twitter via ...

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Timex Ironman One GPS+ a smartwatch without a smartphone

Timex Ironman One GPS+

The wearable space continues to pick up pace with one or the other new launches. The recent entry is of Timex which claims to be the first “authentic watch brand”. The Timex Ironman One GPS+ smart watch comes with a wireless connectivity which does not needs to be connected to any smart phone. It focuses mainly towards the sports sector. Let’s ...

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NASA reports Google Glass not optimal for space travel

Google Glass vs iPad

A recent report by NASA mentions about the series of tests performed by astronauts on Google Glass and iPAD. The tests were performed to figure out the performance of devices in handling operational procedures and tasks in a simulated space environment. NASA astronauts determined that Google Glass is “not an optimal tool” for the requirement mentioned above. The tests were ...

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Envisioning the future of healthcare through wearable technology

Wearable Technology in Healthcare

A lot of companies across various industries are actively working to make the most of wearable technology. Like a couple of days we heard about General Motors using Google Glass for designing the assembly line of their cars. Similarly, there is lot of difference that wearable technology is bringing into sectors like education, communication, navigation etc. Now it’s time that ...

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Google Glass goes on test drive with General Motors

Google Glass

Google Glass is still picking up in the direct consumer space as it’s being termed as overprice and unnecessary. However, it’s proving to be quite useful in a lot of industrial applications. Recently, General Motors experimented with the Google Glass to create a more efficient assembly line process. Based on the presentation given by Cathy Clegg, Vice President at GM ...

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Aerial view of Apple Spaceship Office

Apple Spaceship Office New Pics

On Tuesday, there was a photo posted on the website of Cupertino city. The photo was none other than the aerial picture of the under construction Apple Spaceship Office. The photo was posted along with the mention of traffic delays related to the project. The picture clearly shows that the building will be huge in comparison to the nearby offices. Also ...

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Xbox One to Launch Exclusively on Amazon India

Xbox one India with exclusive sales partner as Amazon

Amazon is all set to become exclusive e-commerce partner of Microsoft Interactive Entertainment Business. This announcement will make Xbox One and other range of products like Xbox360 etc. available from September 1, 2014 onward. Amazon India also announced for pre-booking of Xbox One with and without Kinect. The first 1000 pre-bookings will get special discount offers in tune of Rs. ...

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