United Airlines asks Cecilia Abadie to take off Google Glass

Cecilia Abadie around the time of her driving ticket

Do you remember the woman named Cecilia Abadie from California who received a traffic ticket for driving while wearing Google Glass? The case however got dismissed. Cecilia reported that recently United Airlines told her to take off the Google Glasses while she was on-board. The reason given by the cabin crew was security concerns, and airlines on-board policy. She mentioned ...

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Nokia – Here digital mapping system


The long pending $7.5 billion deal between Microsoft and Nokia is now over. The question is what the next gem in Nokia’s kitty is. The digital mapping business which has very less players but quite in demand is what the industry experts believe could be the next big thing for Nokia. Nokia has very humble plan for this mapping system, ...

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Facebook acquires ProtoGeo maker of fitness app The Moves


Facebook acquires ProtoGeo the maker of fitness app The Moves It seems that Facebook shopping spree is still a long way to go. The Social Media giant recently acquired health and fitness mobile app maker ProtoGeo. ProtoGeo is a Helsinki based company, and is the maker of the Moves App which keeps a record of the distance that a user ...

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21 Best Android Apps of 2014

    21 Latest Android Apps – 2014 In this article we have tried to cover 21 latest and best android apps in 2014 1. Device Manager – This is the app that tracks your Android device and all the other devices having your Google account can also be tracked with this app. This app is very useful if you ...

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TrueCaller App: Introduces Universal LIVE Caller ID to iPhone users


TrueCaller is a Sweden based world’s largest verified mobile phone community. It has recently released an update to its TrueCaller App for iPhone and enables its users to experience LIVE Caller ID functionality. This is such a powerful integration that enables iPhone users to even figure out who’s calling them even if they do not have the number of the ...

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HP Omni10: Would it be a game changer in education industry?


There is no denial that a lot of action is happening in the online education space. And, everyone wants to get a pie of this recession free business. To get a pie in this space Microsoft partnered with HP and Pearson, and will be launching a tablet for higher education purposes. This will currently for the engineering and management streams ...

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The end of Nokia era? Firm to be renamed Microsoft Mobile Oy post deal closure

Nokia-Microsoft Deal

According to report оn wmроwеruѕеr (a site that tracks developments related to windows phone) Nokia has updated its sellers about the completion of the deal by the end of April 2014. Other than this the names of Nоkіа Cоrроrаtіоn/Nоkіа Oyj wіll change tо Mісrоѕоft Mоbіlе Oу which is the legal entity for Microsoft mobiles. On completion of the deal the ...

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Google Chromecast launched in India


Google Chromecast is a HDMI streaming dongle which has made its way to the Indian market after much delay. Although Google has yet not officially announced its launch but many online ecommerce giants have started showing its availability on their sites. The price on Amazon is Rs. 3099 whereas Ebay lists it at Rs. 3998. This device is incredibly small which ...

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Microsoft crosses 5 million in Xbox One Sales

Xbox one

We heard Sony announcing every mark it made from 5 to 6 to 7 million sales of its Play Station 4. However, Microsoft was extremely mute and did not disclose any sales figure of its gaming console. However, after launching the Xbox One video game console in November 2013 Microsoft this Thursday shared that it reached 5 Million plus mark ...

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It’s been quite a while ever since we are hearing of who is going to rule when it comes to bringing internet through sky. There was a lot of buzz about Google’s bringing internet via Project Loon where the balloon flies to high altitude and distant places and provide internet to billions of people which are not so well connected. ...

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