Checkout this paper USB business card – Swivel Card

paper USB business card

Swivel Card also known as the paper USB business card includes a smart USB drive backed with analytic support. Swivel Card is a patented technology. The patent has been given on the system to convert any regular paper into USB drive. With this paper USB business card you can imagine to do the following: Also see: Chui doorbell: The world’s most ...

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Xiaomi Redmi 1S smartphone launched at Rs 5,999

Xiaomi Redmi 1S smartphone

Xiaomi Redmi 1S smartphone has been launched today in India. The phone competes directly with the rivals like Moto G, and is set to give a tough challenge. Redmi 1S is priced at Rs 5,999, and will be exclusively available via e-commerce giant flipkart. The registration of people interested in buying Xiaomi Redmi 1S smartphone has started on Flipkart from ...

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KillSwitch in smartphones becomes mandatory

KillSwitch in SmartPhones

All smartphones now sold in the state of California will have to come with a mandatory killswitch. This became a law after Governor Jerry Brown of California signed the bill.  This news first came on CNET. Also see: Now get a Free replacement of your iPhone 5 battery! Until now it was just Apple which already came packed with this feature. ...

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Mobile Passport Control App Pilot Started in Atlanta

mobile passport control app

Mobile passport control app (Download for: iOS) The long queue and wait time at the customs is quite evident at the airports. For the first time US Customs and Border Protection in sync with Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport is working on avoiding queues and wait time by introducing the Mobile passport control app. Also see: USB Type-C plug with reversible design ...

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Chui doorbell: The world’s most intelligent doorbell

Chui doorbell

Chui doorbell is one of the most intelligent doorbells backed with a smart camera to make your home socially intelligent. It can be used as doorbell and monitoring device not just in your home but also at various commercial usages too. Chui doorbell empowers you to do the following quite conveniently: Chui in real time notifies you who is at ...

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China Operating System to be launched by October

China Operating System

In recent past the world witnessed a lot of tension in between China and US on matters of cyber security. Taking a step ahead China is now planning to build its own operating system to avoid being dependent on imported OS like iOS, Windows and Android. China operating system should be launched by October this year. The development was reported ...

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Noke Padlock: World’s First Bluetooth Padlock

Noke Padlock

Padlocks have been in use since long time back to keep our house and other valuables safe. FUZ Designs have come up with a new type of lock which will not require a key, it’s named Noke Padlock. It works in sync with a smartphone app via Bluetooth support. Also see: React Sidekick a smart and personal emergency alert button! There ...

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Google Acquires Gecko Design

Google Acquires Gecko

Google is working aggressively to take the augmented realty projects like Google Glass and other projects to the next level. Design plays an essential part whether it is creating a site or devices like Google Glass or for that matter even project like the Google’s Self Driving Car. To further excel its design focus Google acquires Gecko Design Inc, a ...

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Free replacement of iPhone 5 battery

Free replacement of iPhone 5 battery

Many iPhone 5 users had been consistently facing issues with short battery life of their iPhone. Apple finally announced free replacement of iPhone 5 battery on select number of iPhones. The announcement was made on the site of Apple. It’s also helping customers to check whether their set is eligible for a free replacement. Click here to check if your ...

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Xiaomi Redmi 1S to be launched on August 26

Xiaomi Redmi 1S

Chinese smart phone giant Xiaomi is sending out invites for an event on August 26 in New Delhi in which it’s showcasing Xiaomi Redmi 1S smart phone. However, it’s unclear whether the company will be making the phone available for sale the same day. Also see: Xiaomi Mi band fitness tracker priced at $13 Xiaomi Redmi 1S smart phone will ...

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