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Google Cardboard an economical Virtual Reality Kit

Google Cardboard – Google wanted everyone to experience virtual reality in a simple, fun, and inexpensive way. And, this was how Project Cardboard came into existence. Some also say that it was because Google was jealous that it could not buy Oculus Rift, and wanted to show that Facebook overpaid for it.

Whatever the real reasons may be however Google Cardboard was one of the most interesting products announced at Google I/O conference. Google Cardboard is a virtual reality kit which you can build yourself.

Sounds exciting? Now, if you want to try out this product then you cut the cardboard’s, and assemble it yourself. Or, you can order through DODOcase (this option will take 5-6 weeks to be delivered to you). With DODOcase all you have to do is just quickly assemble it in 5 minutes. No cutting cardboards etc.

Google Cardboard
Google Cardboard

Now, there is another way to get you Google Cardboard, and that is via Unofficial Cardboard.

Both, DODOcase and Unofficial Cardboard provide everything you need except the Android phone. All you need to do is launch the Cardboard app and put the phone in Cardboard Kit, that’s it. It currently does not works with iOS however Unofficial Cardboard says that technically it should work, all is required is some apps development for it.

Unofficial Cardboard sells the assembled and non assembled kits for $21.95 and $19.95. For orders outside US there is a $10 shipping cost.

Both versions come with cardboard housing, two 25mm glass lenses, magnets, Velcro, a rubber band, and even an NFC tag (which Google designates as optional) you can use to launch the Cardboard app (assuming your phone supports NFC, also optional).

It’s important to note about the phone compatibility. As per Google the Cardboard works with almost all modern Android phones. But there are only a few phones which include Moto X, Galaxy S4/5 that are tested by Google, and considered to be fully compatible. Please check Google’s website for compatibility list: https://gweb-cardboard.appspot.com/#compatibilitylist

Unofficial Cardboard currently supports maximum screen size of 5.1 inch for this kit. However they are working on to design one for 7 inch models.

Google Card Board device is a clear competition to Oculus Rift due to its low price and all the possible features at such a cost. Please share your experience if you have tried it.

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