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Google Glass user treated for internet addiction

Google Glass

Google Glass has recently been in news for being attributed to internet addiction in a patient. The device which falls under the category of augmented wearable reality can be used for navigation and snapping pictures. However, the device has really been addictive and a man has recently shown symptoms of withdrawal when he was moved away from using the Glass. ...

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Change your habits with Pavlok wristband


Unlike the usual bands that are hitting the markets every day Pavlok has something unique to offer. It is a band that monitors your habits on a regular basis and keeps you on track so that you lead a more disciplined life, and achieve more out of your schedule. The company says that wearing Pavlok is as good as wearing ...

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Cooking using a bionic prosthetics – video

bionic prosthetics

Chef Eduardo Garcia became an amputee in 2011, ever since then he has used various bionic prosthetics to keep on with his work and passion. In this video which is episode 3 of The Concepts (Source: Intel), Garcia he describes how advancements in wearable technology could provide an ideal bionic prosthetics for a chef. Check the video below.

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Nixie – A selfie clicking drone

Nixie Drone

Nixie is an amazing quad copter drone that takes clicking selfie to the next level.  The quad copter is equipped with a camera and is designed to follow the commands of the user to take a photo or record a video. Also see: Elemoon a wearable tech bracelet Now a day’s there is a lot of craze towards clicking selfie’s. ...

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Elemoon a wearable tech bracelet

Elemoon wearable accessory

All over the world there is one thing in common with girls and that is being very choosy with the accessories they pick-up to wear. Elemoon, the world’s first smart accessory has tried solving this problem by helping women’s change the light design of the bracelet so that the accessory matches with their outfit or the occasion. Also see: Now Access ...

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Now Access all your contacts via Google Glass

Now Access all your contacts via Google Glass

Google Glass software has been recently updated. This development lets you access all your contacts via Google Glass. However, users can access top 20 contacts via voice while others can be used by swiping the glass. Earlier users were able to access only 10 contacts via voice. Also see: Indian creates Smart Cap a clone of Google Glass for $75 “Explorers have ...

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Chui doorbell: The world’s most intelligent doorbell

Chui doorbell

Chui doorbell is one of the most intelligent doorbells backed with a smart camera to make your home socially intelligent. It can be used as doorbell and monitoring device not just in your home but also at various commercial usages too. Chui doorbell empowers you to do the following quite conveniently: Chui in real time notifies you who is at ...

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Noke Padlock: World’s First Bluetooth Padlock

Noke Padlock

Padlocks have been in use since long time back to keep our house and other valuables safe. FUZ Designs have come up with a new type of lock which will not require a key, it’s named Noke Padlock. It works in sync with a smartphone app via Bluetooth support. Also see: React Sidekick a smart and personal emergency alert button! There ...

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Google Acquires Gecko Design

Google Acquires Gecko

Google is working aggressively to take the augmented realty projects like Google Glass and other projects to the next level. Design plays an essential part whether it is creating a site or devices like Google Glass or for that matter even project like the Google’s Self Driving Car. To further excel its design focus Google acquires Gecko Design Inc, a ...

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GogglePal your best pal on mountain and sky

GogglePal patented Universal Mount technology device

GogglePal is a patented universal mount technology which is patented by Californian Company, AR Devices. The company is working on to launch a new wearable focussed on snowboarders and skiers. Check out the features mentioned below: The device has 6-Axis Gyroscope to track your performance It has a great battery life to use all day while you are enjoying your ...

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